prewikka - Graphical front-end analysis console for the Prelude Hybrid IDS Framework

Prewikka is a graphical front-end analysis console for the Prelude
Hybrid IDS Framework. Providing numerous features, Prewikka facilitates
the work of users and analysts. It provides alert aggregation and sensor
and hearbeat views, and has user management and configurable filters. It
has access to external tools such as whois and traceroute.

Please read README.fedora for installation instructions.
License:GPL Group:Applications/Internet


Name Version Release Type Size Built
prewikka 0.9.8 1.fc6 src 180 KiB Tue Jan 16 17:33:11 2007


* Fri Jan 12 17:00:00 2007 Thorsten Scherf <tscherf{%}redhat{*}com> 0.9.8-1
- moved to upstream version 0.9.8
* Thu Jan 11 17:00:00 2007 Thorsten Scherf <tscherf{%}redhat{*}com>
- changed docs handling
- fixed python settings
* Mon Jan 1 17:00:00 2007 Thorsten Scherf <tscherf{%}redhat{*}com>
- corrected perms on python files 
- moved prewikka-httpd to /sbin
- added README.fedora

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