pyzor - Pyzor collaborative spam filtering system

Pyzor is a collaborative, networked system to detect
and block spam using identifying digests of messages.
Pyzor is similar to Vipul's Razor except implemented
in python, and using fully open source servers.

Pyzor can be used either standalone, or to augment the
spam filtering ability of spamassassin.  spamassassin
is highly recommended.
License:GPL Group:Applications/Internet


Name Version Release Type Size Built
pyzor 0.4.0 10.fc6 src 60 KiB Fri Sep 8 11:47:55 2006


* Fri Sep 8 18:00:00 2006 Andreas Thienemann <andreas{%}bawue{*}net> - 0.9.8-10
- FE6 Rebuild
- Feature enhancements by including certain patches from swinog.
* Mon Feb 7 17:00:00 2005 Toshio Kuratomi <toshio{%}tiki-lounge{*}com> - 0.4.0-8
- %ghost *.pyo files.
* Sat Feb 5 17:00:00 2005 Toshio Kuratomi <toshio{%}tiki-lounge{*}com> - 0.4.0-7
- Use python_sitelib macro to fix building on x86_64.
- Change byte compile argumetns so we don't encode the buildroot into the
  byte compiled python files.
- Use python-abi for Requires instead of python package.

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