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seedit - SELinux Policy Editor:Core component

SELinux Policy Editor(SEEdit) is a tool to make SELinux easy.
SEEdit is composed of Simplified Policy, command line utils and GUI.
The main feature is Simplified Policy.
Simplified Policy is written in Simplified Policy Description Language(SPDL).
SPDL hides detail of SELinux.
For detail, visit
Command line utils is included in seedit package.
License:GPL Group:System Environment/Base


Name Version Release Type Size Built
seedit 2.1.1 2.fc6.1 src 210 KiB Thu Apr 19 01:28:29 2007


* Wed Apr 18 18:00:00 2007 Yuichi Nakamura<ynakam{%}hitachisoft{*}jp> 2.1.1-2
- Fixed install bug
* Thu Apr 12 18:00:00 2007 Yuichi Nakamura<ynakam{%}hitachisoft{*}jp> 2.1.1-1
- Merged bug fix until 2.1.0-5
 - Other bug fixes
* Fri Feb 16 17:00:00 2007 Yuichi Nakamura<ynakam{%}hitachisoft{*}jp> 2.1.0-5
- SELINUX= is set permissive when uninstall,
because relabel fails in enforcing mode.
 - Modified path to seedit-load.conf

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