System Environment/Base

wifiroamd - Automatic WiFi connection (re)establishment daemon

WiFiRoamd is a program that monitors your wireless device to keep it
connected to a good access point.  It will scan looking for a known AP, or
will try the AP with the strongest un-encrypted signal.  If a script is
found for the specific AP ESSID or MAC address is found, that script is
run.  Otherwise, a "default" script is run.

After that script is run, scripts in the "up.d" directory are run.  These
implement extra functionality such as DHCP, ESSID "pinning" (where it
explicitly does "iwconfig $DEVICE essid $ESSID", so that you don't
accidentally wander to another AP) and other local things such as
restarting OpenVPN, etc.
License:GPL Group:System Environment/Base


Name Version Release Type Size Built
wifiroamd 1.11 1.fc6 src 26 KiB Thu Aug 31 22:45:04 2006


* Thu Aug 31 18:00:00 2006 Ed Hill <ed{%}eh3{*}com> - 1.11-1
- new upstream 1.11
* Thu Jul 6 18:00:00 2006 Ed Hill <ed{%}eh3{*}com> - 1.09-1
- new upstream 1.09
* Mon May 8 18:00:00 2006 Ed Hill <ed{%}eh3{*}com> - 1.08-1
- new upstream 1.08

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