tetex-dvipost - LaTeX post filter command to support change bars and overstrike mode

The command dvipost is a post procesor for dvi files, created by latex
or tex. It is used for special modes, which normally needs the support
of dvi drivers (such as dvips). With dvipost, this features could be
implemented independent of the preferred driver. Currently, the post
processor supports layout raster, change bars and overstrike mode.
License:GPL Group:Applications/Publishing


Name Version Release Type Size Built
tetex-dvipost 1.1 6.fc6 src 49 KiB Mon Sep 11 12:53:17 2006


* Mon Sep 11 18:00:00 2006 José Matos <jamatos[AT]> - 1.1-6
- Rebuild for FC6
* Sat May 6 18:00:00 2006 José Matos <jamatos[AT]> - 1.1-5
- Clean up spec file
* Thu Apr 27 18:00:00 2006 José Matos <jamatos[AT]> - 1.1-4
- Rename package to tetex-dvipost

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