tetex-unicode - Unicode support for LaTeX

This package contains support for using UTF-8 as input encoding in
LaTeX documents.
The simplest use of this package is to add
to your header. You may even omit the first line in many cases.
License:LaTeX Project Public License Group:Applications/Publishing


Name Version Release Type Size Built
tetex-unicode 0 7.20041017.fc6 src 1.02 MiB Tue Oct 17 08:42:36 2006


* Tue Oct 17 18:00:00 2006 Aurelien Bompard <abompard{%}fedoraproject{*}org> 0-7.20041017
- use the same scriptlets as the main tetex package
* Thu Aug 31 18:00:00 2006 Aurelien Bompard <abompard{%}fedoraproject{*}org> 0-6.20041017
- rebuild
* Wed Feb 22 17:00:00 2006 Aurelien Bompard <gauret[AT]> 0-5.20041017
- rebuild for FC5

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