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perl-HTML-Mason - Powerful Perl-based web site development and delivery engine

Mason is a powerful Perl-based web site development and delivery
engine. With Mason you can embed Perl code in your HTML and construct
pages from shared, reusable components.  Mason solves the common
problems of site development: caching, debugging, templating,
maintaining development and production sites, and more.
License:GPL or Artistic Group:Web Server
URL:http://www.masonhq.com/ Source: perl-HTML-Mason


Name Version Release Type Size Built
perl-HTML-Mason 1.35 1.fc6 noarch 1.21 MiB Tue Oct 17 20:58:18 2006


* Tue Oct 17 18:00:00 2006 Steven Pritchard <steve{%}kspei{*}com> 1:1.35-1
- Update to 1.35.
- BR Test::Memory::Cycle for better test coverage.
* Mon Oct 16 18:00:00 2006 Steven Pritchard <steve{%}kspei{*}com> 1:1.34-1
- Update to 1.34.
- Use fixperms macro instead of our own chmod incantation.
- Reformat a bit to more closely resemble current cpanspec output.
- Rename filter-*.sh to HTML-Mason-filter-*.sh.
* Sat Sep 16 18:00:00 2006 Steven Pritchard <steve{%}kspei{*}com> 1:1.33-3
- Fix find option order.

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