Web Server

mod_security - Security module for the Apache HTTP Server

ModSecurity is an open source intrusion detection and prevention engine
for web applications. It operates embedded into the web server, acting
as a powerful umbrella - shielding web applications from attacks.
License:GPLv2 Group:Web Server
URL:http://www.modsecurity.org/ Source: mod_security


Name Version Release Type Size Built
mod_security 2.1.3 1.fc6 x86_64 1.45 MiB Thu Sep 13 03:49:12 2007


* Thu Sep 13 18:00:00 2007 Michael Fleming <mfleming+rpm@enlartenment.com> 2.1.3-1
- New upstream release
- Update License tag per guidelines
* Tue Jun 19 18:00:00 2007 Michael Fleming <mfleming+rpm@enlartenment.com> 2.1.1-1
- New upstream release
- Drop ASCIIZ rule (fixed upstream)
- Re-enable protocol violation/anomalies rules now that REQUEST_FILENAME
  is fixed upstream.
* Sun Apr 1 18:00:00 2007 Michael Fleming <mfleming+rpm@enlartenment.com> 2.1.0-3
- Automagically configure correct library path for libxml2 library.
- Add LoadModule for mod_unique_id as the logging wants this at runtime

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